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With its Headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is a global organisation that provides tyres to more than 170 nations. The 69 production facilities of this brand manufacture tyres for specific road conditions and requirements.

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4x4 Variant - LATITUDE SPORT 3

The LATITUDE SPORT 3 is known to brake 2.70 metres shorter on wet surfaces, implying a high level of driving safety. This tyre features an innovative rubber compound for its tread block, which comprises a combination of the latest generation of elastomers and silica. This delivers outstanding wet performance.

Summer Variant - PILOT SPORT 4

The ultra-reactive Tread Pattern Design of PILOT SPORT 4 continuously adapts to the surface for an optimised footprint. Plus, this tyre features a combination of compounds along with hydrophobic Silica and specific “functional elastomers”. This offers remarkable braking performance and wet grip.

Winter Variant - PILOT® ALPIN® 5™

Approved by Mercedes, Porsche, AMG, Audi, and BMW, the PILOT® ALPIN® 5™ comes with a directional tread pattern having a central groove that raises resistance to hydroplaning.

All-Season Variant - PRIMACY™ TOUR A/S

The PRIMACY™ TOUR A/S is equipped with the latest generation of advanced rubber compounds. This helps maintain tread block flexibility when the temperatures are cold and helps grip ice and snow-covered surfaces.

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